The Ranchers of Rainbow Acres on a hike in Camp Verde, Arizona

An Update on Rainbow Acres

In the heart of Verde Valley, Rainbow Acres continues to be a beacon of hope, growth, and community engagement for the Ranchers. Over the past year, Rainbow Acres has made significant strides in supporting its Ranchers in academic and vocational achievements, strengthening its workforce, expanding educational opportunities, and fostering closer ties with the local community.

Empowering Ranchers in Their Vocational Journeys

Rainbow Acres has been dedicated to assisting Ranchers in finding meaningful work opportunities that align with their interests and skills. This year, several Ranchers embarked on new vocational journeys, finding employment in a variety of fields. Some became part of the team at a fast-food restaurant, while others pursued their passion for animals by working at a local ranch and a veterinary clinic. Rainbow Acres also enabled other Ranchers to continue their vocational careers at grocery stores, a recycling center, and a local hotel. These achievements underscore the commitment of Rainbow Acres to empower Ranchers and support their independence.

A Successful Debut: “OZ”

One of the highlights of the year was Rainbow Acres’ first-ever play, “OZ.” The play was met with tremendous success, showcasing the talents and creativity of the Ranchers. It was a memorable event that brought joy and entertainment to the entire community.

Strengthening the Workforce and Ensuring Excellence

Rainbow Acres has put significant effort into strengthening its workforce. Key departments such as Caregivers, Rancher Care Coordination, Culinary, Development, and Human Resources have been adequately staffed to ensure smooth operations. The organization has also revamped its training and onboarding processes for new staff and volunteers, ensuring they are well-prepared to provide excellent and loving service to the Ranchers. Accountability has been increased to maintain consistent service quality.

Educational Enrichment at Rainbow Academy

Rainbow Academy has welcomed new educators who are enthusiastic about providing educational courses and activities for the Ranchers. Each semester brings a fresh schedule of classes and Wednesday activities within the community and on the Ranch. Rainbow Acres has also engaged with the community by hosting local cultural experts, volunteering at the Bread of Life food bank, and participating in local fairs. These educational and community engagement initiatives enrich the lives of the Ranchers and foster a sense of belonging in the wider community.

Celebrating 50 Years of Impact

Rainbow Acres recently kicked off its 50th year with a touching testimony from one of its newer Ranchers. She shared how living at Rainbow Acres helped her to believe that “God is in the room,” highlighting the profound impact of this caring and inclusive community. The organization’s dedication to community involvement has grown stronger, with regular volunteer efforts at a local food bank and increased engagement with the broader community.

Verde Valley Glow: A Celebration of Community

To enhance its interaction with the local community, Rainbow Acres hosted the inaugural Verde Valley Glow. This event invited the local community to come and learn more about Rainbow Acres and meet the fantastic Ranchers. The event was a fall festival with great food, crafts, live music from a local band, and hot air balloons right on the Ranch. It was an exciting opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate the spirit of inclusivity and support that Rainbow Acres embodies.


Rainbow Acres continues to thrive and make a meaningful impact on the lives of its Ranchers and the broader community. Through vocational support, educational enrichment, and a commitment to community engagement, Rainbow Acres is a shining example of how a caring and inclusive society can genuinely make a difference. The organization’s 50th year promises to be a milestone in its journey, celebrating the past while looking forward to a future filled with hope and possibilities.