Holistic Healthcare

In the Health and Wellness Center, Rainbow Acres engages a team of dedicated professionals who provide holistic care for resident Ranchers. They work closely with staff and caregivers to support healthy functioning in all areas of life and create a physically, emotionally and mentally prosperous community. The Health and Wellness team is in constant communication with Ranchers and their families, working proactively to build and sustain the overall health of every Rancher.

Goals of the Health and Wellness Program include:

  • Oversee the vision, dental, medical, therapeutic, and mental health needs of each Rancher.
  • Manage, track, and facilitate all health-related appointments
  • Provide medical care/consultation, including on-site first aid and basic care, making house calls, and monitoring living environments
  • Monitor and coordinate medication administration for each Rancher through a sophisticated, web-based tracking system similar to those used in hospitals
  • Promote healthy nutrition through collaboration with the Rainbow Acres master chef and in support of the specific nutritional requirements of the Ranchers
  • Maintain health records and OSHA paperwork
  • Coordinate with Rancher families on insurance coverage and maintenance
  • Work with Rainbow Acres’ benefits coordinator to ensure Ranchers have the best coverage available based on their eligibility
  • Partner with Northern Arizona University Speech Department, whose students provide on-site speech therapy for Ranchers
  • Host outside resources on-site to meet needs in the following areas: Physical Therapy, Mobile Lab; and Portable X-ray
  • Educate caregivers, staff, and Ranchers on standards for health and safety practices
  • Give back to the local community through an annual “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” and several Blood Drives each year that are open to the public
  • Gratefully receive and manage donated health supplies such as first aid items, over-the-counter medicines, and personal hygiene products for Ranchers with limited resources

A team of RNs, LPNs, and support staff, maintain medical records and appointments. The Ranchers view the Health and Wellness Center staff and nurses as trusted friends.