Life on the Ranch

Sample Weekday Schedule


  • Breakfast in Rancher homes
  • Chores, make beds, dress and grooming
  • Prayer Circle (optional)
  • Rainbow Academy — Life Skills course
  • Break and snack
  • Rainbow Academy – Animal Science activity
  • Lunch together in Palmer Community Center


  • Rainbow Academy – Job Skills course
  • Break and snack
  • Off-campus job at local business
  • Break and snack
  • Rainbow Academy – Rancher Choir practice
  • Other options: Computer Lab; Clavinova Connection; Fitness Center; Media Library; Equestrian lessons; Walking/jogging; bicycle riding and more
  • Medical appointments and medications as needed


  • Evening meal served family style in homes
  • Games, puzzles, relaxation and social time
  • Listen to music, watch TV or movies in great room or bedroom
  • Bedtime


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