At Rainbow Acres, we are thankful for the opportunity to serve our resident Ranchers and grateful for the their kind words and the encouragement of their loved ones, friends and supporters. We hope you come to know Rainbow Acres, and become part of our special community.

“For people with developmental disabilities who are looking for a place to live, I can tell you there is nothing like Rainbow Acres. You will find group homes with a bunch of people sitting in front of a TV. But Rainbow Acres doesn’t do that – it’s so exciting, with greenhouses, a learning center, animals, crafts and well-kept homes in a valley with mountains all around. The staff is there for the Ranchers.

I guarantee that there is no place as special. If you never heard of Rainbow Acres, please see it for yourself, even if you don’t have a family member with a disability. There is so much to see and do.”

– Alan Drehman, Rancher (resident)

“A home, a purpose and a place of empowerment is what Rainbow Acres means for us and our family.”

“Knowing that our daughter is safe and has a place she can call home is an opportunity for her to grow and develop and understand what her purpose in life is. This gives her a sense of empowerment and allows her to be all that the Lord wants her to be; and for us, that’s the very definition of hope. A home, a purpose and a place of empowerment is what Rainbow Acres means for us and our family.”

– Christopher Morris, Rancher parent

“My aunt was brain damaged as a toddler when she nearly drowned. She came to Rainbow Acres as an older adult and absolutely loved being there. She participated in many activities and was always so proud of what she accomplished. The staff takes a personal interest in each Rancher and encourages them to be all they can be. She was so happy there and remained there until her health required constant care. It meant a great deal to our family to know the quality of life she was able to have!”

– Marvis Brice, Donor/Supporter

 “Our daughter has a lot of friends, great caregivers and a variety of cool things to do at Rainbow Acres. Her joy is our peace of mind and we are grateful for this magical place.”

“When I first saw Rainbow Acres, I was struck by two things: the beauty of the rural setting, and the way the staff, residents and volunteers there interact as equal members of a community. I was impressed that the Ranchers were all so engaged, confident and busy! But, they’re never too busy for a greeting, a chat or maybe a hug. The Ranchers bring the results of this organization out into the community in all they do and their attitudes. Whether traveling to participate in Special Olympics or perform beautiful music with the Rancher Choir, the members of this community make an impression wherever they go. They’re known for their sportsmanship, accomplishments, and open, friendly manner. All of us in the local community, and all the friends of Rainbow Acres, are inspired by the way this organization helps people overcome their challenges.”

– Cindy (a professional with expertise in the field)