The Solar Project

Rainbow Acres is Going Green!


The Board of Trustees has approved a ranch-wide solar project to generate an estimated 95% of our current electricity use. This long-term investment will reduce one of our largest expenses.

We will harvest enough solar to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 500 cubic tons annually. In the first year of operation, the newly installed solar energy systems are projected to generate an impressive 800,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh). I call this “Smart Solar” because it will reduce costs and be environmentally friendly, and it is not a solar lease.

This initiative supports our commitment to sustainability and ensures that Rainbow Acres remains a lasting, vibrant community for the Ranchers for many years to come. We have applied for tax credits, which will help cover a portion of the cost. By adopting a solar panel, you can help the long-term sustainability of Rainbow Acres. 

Graphic Solar Panels
A graphic of a clock

800,000 kWh

Kilowatt-hours generated in the first year

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Savings per year after 10 years

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of current energy demands annually