Welcome to Rainbow Acres!

Every family hopes to find a place where their loved one with developmental disabilities can live and thrive. At Rainbow Acres, our residents (called Ranchers) are loved and supported, experience opportunities for growth and friendship, and lead lives filled with purpose. Our holistic approach to caring for the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being of each Rancher enables them to reach their fullest potential and experience a joyful life.

Finding a long-term living solution for your loved one is a significant milestone, and often an emotional undertaking. The Rainbow Acres Admissions Team is here to support you throughout the process and answer any questions you have along the way. Each candidate is unique and reviewed on an individual basis, with the goal of ensuring the right fit for your family’s needs. We hope that you find the “home” you’ve been seeking at Rainbow Acres.

Admissions Criteria

Cost of Care

Admissions Process

Life on the Ranch

From breakfast and morning activities, to lunch with friends and an afternoon hike or music class, a Rancher’s days at Rainbow Acres provide variety and opportunities for fellowship and growth.