Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in Rainbow Acres. We’re happy you’ve come to learn more about our admissions process. Our goal is to deliver a clear and efficient approach to admissions that enables your family and our staff to work together to determine if Rainbow Acres is a good fit for your loved one and, if so, to provide an enjoyable transition to the ranch.

How to Apply

1. Learn about us

Get to know Rainbow Acres by exploring our website. Each family has a story and a desire to find the right place for their loved one to call home; we hope that place is here at Rainbow Acres. Please read about our offerings, review the admissions criteria and the cost of care, then connect with our admissions team.


2. Connect with our Admissions Team

Submit an online admissions inquiry form or contact us at 928-567-5231 or by email at

Our Admissions Director will contact you to learn more about your family and your loved one’s needs, interests, abilities and desires. If together, we determine that Rainbow Acres may be a good fit and you’d like to learn more, our team will arrange the next steps (the order may vary):

Take a personal tour of the ranch: Our team will work with you to set up a personal tour of Rainbow Acres to see our ranch in operation. If you can’t make it in person, please view the videos of Rainbow Acres on our website.

Complete a full admissions application: We will ask that you complete a full application (including medical history, neurological/psychological evaluation and reference and release forms) along with a non-refundable processing fee of $200.

Provide financial verification: Rainbow Acres is a not-for-profit organization that relies on the tuition of its residents for the services we provide. As part of our admission process, we need verification that you are financially able to pay for your loved one to live at Rainbow Acres. Our admissions team will provide you with the names of several companies (who know Rainbow Acres) to choose from. The company you use will provide us with an assessment and confirmation of your ability to pay. Companies charge about $300 for this service.

Meet our leadership and staff: We want to meet you and your loved one in person. We’ll introduce you to our leadership team and program managers so that everyone can learn about you and know your needs. We’ll use this opportunity to ask you questions and answer your inquiries. After this meeting, you’ll receive an acceptance for admissions, an invitation for a temporary visit, or we may decline admissions at this time.

Transition to Rainbow Acres: Upon acceptance, our admissions team will work with you to arrange move-in dates, room set up, program plans for your resident, payment plan, medical clearance for TB, HIV and Hepatitis, and a 90-day supply of medications. Rainbow Acres has a 90-day transition period after which a final Residence Acceptance letter will be sent to the applicant/family.

Thrive at Rainbow Acres: A new beginning at Rainbow Acres is an exciting time. Your loved one will be introduced to their housemates and peers who will undoubtedly greet them with great enthusiasm. Our caregivers and program staff will work closely with your loved one and your family to ease them into a new routine and help them adjust successfully. While each person is different, we find that new Ranchers adapt within a few months and begin to thrive in their home at Rainbow Acres.

Contact our Director of Admissions at (928) 567-5231.
Email inquiries may be directed to