Rancher Employment

Many Ranchers are employed at either Rainbow Acres or businesses in the neighboring Verde Valley communities of Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Clarkdale and Sedona. Opportunities include positions at restaurants, grocery stores, churches, recycling facilities, veterinary clinics national parks and more. Local businesses and groups benefit greatly from employing qualified Ranchers, whose passion, dedication and dependability often exceed expectations.

Campus Employment

Each weekday, Ranchers work on interesting projects in the kitchen, barn or greenhouses that provide a positive group experience and a tangible sense of personal accomplishment. Ranchers select responsibilities based on their interests. Each group has a team leader who oversees the activities and also teaches, encourages and provides guidance as needed. For example, the kitchen group focuses on everything from preparing meals and setting the dining tables, to serving food and cleaning dishes and pans. The Yavapai County Health Department has recognized their work three years in a row with the “Golden Plate Award” for excellent food handling safety practices.

Community Employment

When their Project Discovery training is complete, our vocational team coaches Ranchers through the job-search, application and interview process. Once a Rancher secures a position, we provide transportation, scheduling and on-going support to help them succeed. Through off-campus jobs, Ranchers experience a greater sense of independence and a stronger connection with the community. They celebrate each other’s contributions and encourage further growth and success. Some Ranchers have been employed by the same local businesses for 5 to 10 years.

Community Volunteering

Ranchers also choose to give back to our local communities by serving as volunteers at food banks, child-care centers, nursing facilities or animal shelters. Ranchers receive personalized vocational counseling and instruction, assuring that they find success in volunteer positions they enjoy. Rainbow Acres provides transportation and oversight for these activities.