Rancher Celebrations

Every individual has gifts to be discovered, nurtured and cherished. At Rainbow Acres, we regularly celebrate the personal achievements of every Rancher and publicly recognize their efforts and achievements. Rancher accomplishments bring so much pride to our community and award ceremonies are definitely a highlight of the month!

Awards for On-Ranch Activities

Rancher of the Month: Each month, Rainbow Acres honors one male and one female Rancher with this distinguished award, given to those who exhibit outstanding citizenship and exemplary behavior. Ranchers receive these awards during group meetings and are given a framed certificate with their photo. The awards are displayed in the Palmer Community Center the entire month.

Good Works Awards: Ranchers are recognized monthly for numerous reasons that are not only a personal accomplishment, but also a benefit to our entire community such as overall attitude, kind acts towards others, cleanliness of personal space, and good hygiene practices. We also celebrate good works of Ranchers who have made strides towards a personal goal or accomplishment.

Certificates of Completion/Milestones Recognition: Programs such as Project Discovery, Fine Arts Painting, Life Skills Training and Animal Education confer certificates to Ranchers who complete specific courses. In addition, in group meetings each month, we recognize Rancher birthdays for that month and the anniversaries of those Ranchers who have lived multiple years at Rainbow Acres.

Awards for Off-Ranch Activities

Special Olympics:  At the local, regional and state levels, Ranchers frequently earn not only gold, silver and bronze medals, but lots of accolades on their consistently sportsmanlike conduct. Over 80% of the Ranchers participate in Special Olympics. In 2018, at the Special Olympics Track and Field State Competition, Ranchers won 18 gold medals, 16 silver medals and 13 bronze medals.

Verde Valley Fair: With so much incredible talent and craft-making resources, the Ranchers get a tremendous sense of satisfaction from creating craft items they can enter in the annual Verde Valley Fair. Over the years, they’ve won dozens of blue ribbons for the amazing artistry of their weaving, beadwork, stepping stones and hand-painted items.