We want to thank Susan Hall, Director of Planned Giving for her dedicated service since November of 2010.

It had been Susan’s intent to retire in 2021. Out of her devotion to Rainbow Acres, she continued on through 2022. Susan has the single largest network of American Baptists Foundation, both those in leadership and laity, with whom she served during her work with the American Baptist Foundation (13 years).  Susan is one of the most gifted estate planners and equally effective as a fundraising executive. She is also the second Employee to ever receive Rainbow Honors, the highest award given by the Board of Trustees. We are most grateful for Susan’s successes in building up the endowment funds for the long-term benefit of the Ranchers.

Susan, you will be missed! We wish you well and wish you a wonderful retirement!

(Pictured) Gary Wagner spoke on Susan Hall’s tenure with Rainbow Acres at her retirement ceremony, and presented her with a plaque and the deepest thanks of everyone in the Rainbow Acres community.