Why are the residents of Rainbow Acres called Ranchers? The obvious explanation is that they live on a 50-acre ranch in the heart of Arizona’s scenic Verde Valley, but actually there’s another reason, one that embodies the true spirit of Rainbow Acres.

Our residents are called Ranchers because they display the best qualities of the pioneers who first settled here in Camp Verde, just south of Sedona. The title of “Rancher” is earned by our residents based on their self-sufficient, resilient, positive approach to life. Ranchers serve as trustworthy and reliable neighbors, good stewards of the land, hard workers who gain a sense of satisfaction by helping others and, at the end of the day, individuals who know how to depend on the provenance of a higher power.

Where they differ is that the Ranchers of today (unlike the early pioneers) don’t have to “rough it” – instead they enjoy beautiful, modern housing, stimulating programs and experiences, and a supportive environment that helps them reach their fullest potential with dignity and purpose. Those who visit Rainbow Acres get to see first-hand what it means to be a “Rancher” – which leaves a lasting impression they will never forget!