By Yvonne K. Link

My name is Yvonne and I’m going to be 100 years old this summer. Rainbow Acres holds a special place in my heart. I first heard about Rainbow Acres through the Christian retreats and conventions I’ve been attending over the years. A dear friend came to mind when I learned about the mission and wonderful difference Rainbow Acres is making for persons with developmental disabilities. We would walk together to the bus stop in high school. I invited my friend to join me at church and youth group where she eventually met her husband and I was honored to be in their wedding. Life continued and they were blessed with three children, including a child with developmental disabilities. Like many mothers, my friend had a full plate with raising her children and finding help for her special needs child while facing many challenges trying to balance life. She finally reached out to community resources and found a lovely home that offered skilled services, sort of a home away from home where her son bloomed! Her son would come home for visits but was always eager to return to his second family, friends and
teachers. My friend knew her precious boy was excelling in life with the help he needed. My husband and I raised our two sons in Reseda, California. Many years ago, a lovely young family moved in at the end of the street with a developmentally delayed son, Buster.

His mother was so strong and even set up a Boy Scout Troop for boys with disabilities. My sons were taught that if they found Buster wandering in the neighborhood, they should extend the hand of friendship and walk him home. Other children in the neighborhood were not so kind as kids can be sometimes, calling Buster names and hurling insults because he was different. One time someone put a water hose in the door mail slot and flooded his family’s home. Buster was such a sweet child, always eager to greet us and shower us with hugs. My mind often thinks of Buster and how dedicated his mother was every minute of every day. In a different time, Rainbow Acres would have been such a blessing to Buster and other families caring for such precious special needs family members. At first, I started giving a small amount, and my heart was filled with joy over the great works of Rainbow Acres in empowering persons with developmental disabilities to live to their fullest potential with dignity and purpose. The Lord provided a way for me to commit a larger monthly gift that I pledge to help a particular resident Rancher. I get the blessing of hearing about his progress on a regular basis and never wonder where my funds are going. I truly enjoy the phone calls and personal visits from Rainbow Acres and cards from my Rancher. Any mother, parent or guardian would be so inspired by the care and comfort offered by the people and programs of Rainbow Acres.