Team Rainbow Acres

Welcome to Team Rainbow

Team Rainbow includes Ranchers, management and staff, caregivers, Board members, parents, guardians, loved ones, volunteers, friends of Rainbow, and financial supporters.

If you are reading this message, WELCOME TO THE TEAM! At this time, it is crucially important that everyone on Team Rainbow is fully engaged. We all can work together to advance our mission for the Ranchers.  With your support, we are a winning Team!


Family and Friends Weekend at Rainbow Acres, Fall 2023Family & Friends weekend

Recently, we welcomed over 100 guests to our Family and Friends weekend. Everywhere we turned, there were smiles and laughter as people exchanged greetings and introductions. We had the best, most interactive talent show ever!

Many Ranchers, as well as several staff, performed their hearts out on the stage of the Palmer Community Center. The entertainment included staff and Ranchers telling jokes and performing a wide variety of musical numbers. The entire audience even participated in the Chicken Dance!

Finishing up the weekend with our Burgers ‘N Brats Picnic lunch, we all enjoyed some relaxing times with family and friends of Rainbow.


In The Community - Ranchers with their Lamb at the Valley Verde Fair 2022In the community

One play that we have in the playbook at Team Rainbow, is to get out into the community. My firm belief is the community benefits from time with the Ranchers.

In 2022, the Ranchers enjoyed outings to Yellowstone National Park, Disneyland, the movie theater, rodeos, plays, competing in the Verde Valley Fair, and so much more! To celebrate the holidays this year, we are looking forward to our annual Christmas shopping trips to Phoenix, Prescott, and Cottonwood, as well as our All-Ranch Christmas Party and Candles & Carols.

Some of our Ranchers are not able to leave for the holidays, so we are planning a traditional Christmas meal with a gift exchange. We will share a spiritual message about the divine night that Christ was born and what that means to our Rainbow community.


Grow with us

Please understand that we boldly face today’s challenges with tenacity and creativity. We are expanding our weekend activities, adding new curricula for the next semester of Academy classes, and seeking out more ways to engage with the community.

The entire Ranch-based team is wholly committed. Please join us in propelling Rainbow Acres into 2023 by donating today.

For The Ranchers,
Mike Prochelo
President & CEO


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