Volunteers from Prescott United Methodist Church helped to repaint the red curbs throught the Ranch. Church groups, young and old, come to Rainbow Acres for service missions from all over the United States throughout the year.

“The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped. —Proverbs 11:25


Across the decades, Rainbow Acres has been blessed by countless volunteers. One cannot walk across campus without encountering the enduring work of the hands which have helped us. Construction projects. Safety lines on the curbs. Looms strung in our weaving room. A favorite photograph on a Rancher’s wall. These are just a few unforgettable examples of our volunteer’s impact on the quality of life at Rainbow Acres. 

Often, the volunteer experience is short. A few days. A few weeks. Maybe a single event. Then the volunteer moves on, leaving a piece of their heart behind and taking a part of Rainbow with them.  

Other volunteers fall in love with Rainbow and its mission to inspire and assist our Ranches in living their best lives. These volunteers return to our campus time and again. An exceptional few return annually to tackle specific projects. (Arizona is a great place to winter.) Others show up consistently to help with day-to-day life. 

Our volunteers come alone, in couples, or as part of large and small groups. They help refresh fading ng paint; build “rock ponds” for drainage in monsoon season; put up our outside Christmas decorations; pitch in to help with maintenance upkeep; spend time assisting in the kitchen; lead worship for Prayer and Praise; play Bingo or lead a crafts session with our Ranchers. 

Our volunteers always have meaningful service projects to do. There is such a variety of tasks that there is something for every skill set and preference.  

The setting in which our volunteers serve is one of inspiration and natural beauty. Looking at old photos, it is easy to get a sense of how far volunteers have helped us grow into the vibrant community we are. Surrounded by the mountains, with road runners darting across the campus and desert breezes blowing through the sky, our campus is a place to find peace amid service. 

Most importantly, our volunteers are loved 

On days when large groups join us for lunch, the dining hall is filled with the happy chaos of ranchers chatting, exchanging stories and sharing their joie de vivre with our visiting volunteers. The energy is palpable. Our Ranchers are never more excited to meet and work with someone new.

Rancher Kelly says, “Everyone who comes to volunteer is so nice. I appreciate that they put in all their effort and time to help us out. Everything they do for Rainbow is amazing.” 

We are so grateful for every volunteer who has passed through our gates. 

When Covid hit, and the world changed, we lost our volunteers for a while. We are currently building our robust volunteer program anew. Specific needs are assistance in the kitchen, help at the barn, and extra hands at social events. We are also looking for volunteers willing to sit and chat with ranchers in their homes. Special volunteers who will bring open hearts. Who will listen to our Rancher’s stories and help them know they are seen and heard? 

If you wish to be a part of changing lives, please visit


When asked what she’d say to someone thinking about volunteering, Kelly says, “Volunteering is worth it. It makes you feel good; it helps other people out. It’s a win/win situation. Rainbow Acres is a really cool place. It’s unique. If you’re thinking about volunteering at Rainbow, you should do it.” 

Thank you to all our volunteers, past, present, and future. You are a blessing to the Ranchers and Rainbow Acres because of the gifts and talents you brought our way. May the help you gave to us be returned to you many times over.