COVID-19 Vaccination Program Begins on the Ranch

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Rainbow Acres has managed public health and safety protocols with strict adherence to State and County guidelines. With approval by families and guardians, most Ranchers participated in the first scheduled COVID-19 vaccine clinic in late January, administered by healthcare professionals onsite at Rainbow Acres. We’re so proud of the Ranchers stepping up and participating in the clinic.

Vaccine Clinics Continue in February and March

Our tireless Health & Wellness team is hosting COVID-19 vaccination clinics in February and March in partnership with healthcare professionals from CVS Pharmacy to administer the vaccine under strict oversight.

Now (still with approval from families and guardians), most of the Ranchers and Staff have participated in the clinics and completed their first and second vaccines. Ranchers can be heard saying that they are happy to be vaccinated as it means that we are a step closer to the old ways of life. Many Ranchers came with housemates, and a few needed the extra support of their peers and their Caregiver. Daniel said, “I can’t wait to get the vaccine so we can look ahead to better days!” Keith said, “I want to do my part to help stop this COVID virus!” We agree with their optimism!