At Rainbow Acres, our Ranchers have a fun opportunity to work throughout the year the show animals and projects at the 2022 Verde Valley Fair.  This year, Ranchers Emily and Chandler each showed a lamb at the fair, and a few other Ranchers went along to lend a helping hand and to cheer them on as they showed. You can see a bit of the final process in three stages here – from a practice show at Jackpot Ranch, to preparing the lambs to head off to fair with baths and shearing, and then the final show in the barn and the ring at the fair!  Follow along with us all the way down the page, as we’re working backwards in time here (because the biggest event is the real deal at the fair of course!)

Lambs shown and memories made at the Verde Valley Fair!

Ranchers Emily and Chandler did a FANTASTIC job showing their lambs at the fair on Friday, April 29! They knew most of the answers when the judge asked them how much their lambs weighed, what the highest value cuts of lamb are, to describe what type of food they were being fed and what would they change about their lambs (the safe answer is always more finish, or far cover, since our lambs are on the lighter side).

Also, Ranchers Daniel, Kelly O. and Sophie, who showed lambs 2 years ago, went along to lend a hand to the first timers. They helped wash and groom the lambs and enjoyed seeing the show from the bleachers this time, cheering their fellow Ranchers along the whole way.  Although we did not sell our lambs in the auction, the livestock auction prices were record breaking this year. What great local businesses we have that support the local youth at the Verde Valley Fair.

We are already looking forward to next year’s fair! If you are interested in helping support the Ranchers, check out the “Give” page on our website.

Take a look at these photos of the day and please join us in congratulating Emily and Chandler on a job well done!

Before the fair, Tom and Cody the lambs get all gussied up!

Ranchers Emily and Chandler spent the day preparing their market lambs, Tom and Cody, for the upcoming Verde Valley Fair. Emily and Chandler have spent the last few months tending to Tom and Cody, and it’s fun to see this moment now here! They started by bathing their lambs to help remove dirt and debris in the wool that dulls and slows down the clippers. Then they were shown how to shear their lambs and how to help keep then standing comfortably on the stanchion. Lastly, they worked conditioner into the leg wool and brushed it out. Of course, the lambs will be bathed again just before the show on Friday, to ensure they look their absolute best and make the very best impression with the judges.

Emily and Chandler enjoyed learning new skills and will be practicing hard this week! We wish you all could have come to the Verde Valley Fair for the afternoon to have watched them show their lambs. Enjoy these photos of the ladies and their lambs having their get fair-ready “spa day” at the ranch!

Ranchers attend a Lamb Show practice at Jackpot Ranch

On Sunday, March 27, Ranchers Chandler and Kelly (standing in for Rancher Emily who was on a choir trip – you can see more of that event here!) went to a livestock show practice at Jackpot Ranch. Youth from local 4-H and FFA programs in the area brought their steers, goats, sheep and lambs to practice showing their projects for the fair next month. This was a good opportunity for the Ranchers to see how it will be when they show their lambs at the fair, answer questions from the judge and to watch and learn from other showmen to help improve their showmanship skills. This year’s fair is a new experience for Chandler and Emily, who are showing their lambs for the first time; having a practice round like this is valuable experience for both the fair day, and just in general practice of doing something new in front of an audience. We are very grateful for the opportunity and to Jackpot Ranch for hosting such an event!

Ranchers Kelly, Daniel and Sophie showed lambs two years ago at the Verde Valley Fair, and have been doing an excellent job teaching this year’s first-time exhibitors the basics of showing lambs and offering valuable advice to help them be successful. Way to go team, supporting each other and showing off their teamwork – we had a great day!