Vocational Development Through Rainbow Academy

Having a job or special interest, and a reason to get up every morning, brings purpose and dignity to life. Through Rainbow Academy, Ranchers can pursue their interests and enroll in vocational courses with hands-on training that can lead to employment.

Ranchers who would like to work have many rewarding opportunities to learn job skills, earn money, gain self-esteem and engage with the community. Guided by our vocational team, participating Ranchers can work on or off-ranch in volunteer or paid positions. Some of the on-ranch jobs are in the kitchen, barn or greenhouses. Off-ranch employment includes area businesses and organizations.

We champion each Rancher and their unique abilities, helping them apply their skills to a job or responsibility they are proud to make their own!

Vocational Development at Rainbow Acres teaches employment skills to neurodivergent adults in Arizona

Class Helps Adults With Developmental Disabilities Increase Employability

Ranchers in the “Work for Success” class share the same goal of learning skills to increase their employability. Some Ranchers are currently employed on and off ranch, while others are hoping to have a job in the future. This class allows them to explore career opportunities and learn skills that will help them be successful employees in the future. We have Ranchers who are out serving our local community in food service, retail roles, and who have taken the gardening skills they’ve learned in our greenhouses to use at nurseries.  They are proud contributors and this class aims to help set them up for success in the companies they serve, both in getting and maintaining their job.

In this class, Ranchers learned about employability and what skills employers look for by creating a bubble map of those skills and discussing examples of each.

This class is off to a great start!

Ranchers Gaining Work Experience!

The Rainbow Acres Barn employs four Ranchers who help provide daily care for the ranch’s various animals. These Rancher’s are responsible for a variety of tasks, as outlined in their job descriptions, as well as keeping track of their hours and submitting them each week.

Each Rancher has their own color-coded folder in the barn office. The Vocational Director and Animal Science teacher work together to help Ranchers gain work experience in their “on ranch” positions help them be more successful when applying for “off ranch” positions.

Rancher Daniel has been the Barn Manager for over 4 years and he is responsible for overseeing the feeding of the animals twice daily, as well as keeping track of feed and supplies. Other ranchers assist with feeding on the weekends, grooming horses, cleaning tack, maintaining a clean and organized feed/tack room and recording disinfection practices at the barn as required by OSHA. The Ranchers take great pride in helping provide a happy, healthy home to our animals and a well-organized, safe barn to work in!

Equine Science Class Teaches Functional Anatomy

Ranchers in the Rainbow Academy Equine Science class are learning that functional anatomy begins with the cell, and understanding cell types and processes. Groups of cells form tissues, and groups of tissues form organs. Organs are part of systems that function together to produce a healthy, productive, athletic animal. This week, Ranchers colored and labeled the many parts of an animal cell!