Rainbow Acres resident Ranchers, Staff and Volunteers celebrate summer and the chance to create our own ocean beach fun! Staff and Ranchers participated in event preparations and creative juices were flowing from one and all. Event festivities included fun games and activities like Giant Kerplunk, pirate and dolphin ring toss, and giant bean bag toss tic-tac-toe. Ranchers enjoyed getting ocean themed temporary tattoos, painting sea creatures to put on our beach/reef area. Beach Boy songs filled the air with our Karaoke sing-a-long and festive ocean themed food along lots of fun decorations including building our own colorful reef.

The Ranchers captured the spirit in our awesome beach-themed picture booth and dress up as a mermaid, whale, or mighty pirate or relax near the beach shack in fun hats and glasses. The creativity and energy from our Ranchers, Staff and Volunteers were amazing along with celebrating great friendships…the next best thing to being at the Ocean!