The Health and Wellness Center is a beehive of activity. Christine Walker, RN, serves as Director of Health and Wellness and heads a team of six, which includes two additional RNs and two LPNs. “On site, we provide everything in terms of first aid, intervention and education,” Walker said. “We fill a lot of different roles to address their health needs.”

With Ranchers ranging in age from their early 20s to their 80s, the staff serves a diverse set of needs, for which they coordinate on-campus and off-campus appointments. “When I first came here, I thought we would decrease the number of appointments. Instead, they’ve significantly increased because we’re responding to a greater range of needs, and because we have so many good providers available locally,” Walker said.

One major change over the past decade has been the level of communication expected by Rancher families. “Keeping them informed is a high priority. Over the years, family expectations have gone way up, as has their desire for frequent communication,” Walker said. “It’s not unusual for me to communicate with six or more Rancher families per day by e-mail or phone. Most of our Rancher families don’t live near here, so communication is really important.”