Rancher’s goal

“I’d like to learn how to cook. I’d also like to live in the independent apartments at Rainbow eventually. So, I have some work to do before I can get there, but I’d like that to be my eventual goal.”

-Kelly O. Rancher

Ranchers enjoy A Night To Remember celebration in partnership with the Tim Tebow Foundation

Rainbow Academy learning computing skills for nuerodiverse adults in AZNew year, new goals

This semester, the staff has developed new strategies to measure each of the Ranchers’ academic, personal, and occupational goals. We are excited about the programs here at Rainbow Acres. Academy classes, off-site jobs, guest speakers, and academic excursions fill each week with opportunities for the Ranchers to learn, grow, and thrive.

Personalized Care Plans include goals identified by the Rancher with the support of staff, family, and guardians. These goals are re-evaluated annually to help them achieve new milestones in academics, health, communication, and social skills. Improvement plans are curated for their needs and personal goals because no two Ranchers are alike. For example, one Rancher is striving to learn Spanish, while another is interested in learning more about money management. These goals are worked on within their homes, during class, while at work, and within the community.

RA Ranchers at Special Olympics Basketball AZIn our community

We’ve added several courses to our Rainbow Academy, Photography, Barn Crafts, Movin’ & Groovin’ and more. For instance, Beginning Science explores Biology, Geology, and Physics topics. The Pictures & Stories class is a great way to increase communication skills. Money Management & Independent Living is a course to enhance life skills. These new courses were designed to help the Ranchers reach their goals.

Our community engagement initiatives are bringing guest speakers and service groups to the Ranch. We are also venturing out into the community for events, academic explorations, and choir trips to various churches and organizations. We participated in the international Night To Shine prom event with the Tim Tebow Foundation, the Special Olympics Basketball State Tournament in Mesa, and the Barret-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale to help John M. reach his goal of attending a car show.

We also hosted a Native American Hopi Elder who shared with us his culture, taught us a rain dance, and helped Josh L. reach his goal of learning more about the art of silver smithing.

Neurodiverse adult residents of Rainbow Acres in Arizona attend a car event off siteGrow with us

We are excited to host more Mission Teams and guest speakers, and cherish their enthusiasm, skills and knowledge they generously share with us. We also look forward to sharing with you about being out in the community more and new success stories of Ranchers working towards their goals.

We ask you to join us again this year as we find new ways to empower the Ranchers to meet the goals they have set for themselves. Your donation today will make a difference to the Ranchers that call Rainbow Acres home.


For The Ranchers,

Mike Prochelo

President & CEO