Engaging our neurodiverse adults in our community

At Rainbow Acres, community engagement is a priority. We stand by our belief that by connecting with the local community, our residents can grow and learn while sharing their unique skills and talents. Our Ranchers are enthusiastic about this philosophy, participating in many community activities and events.

One way our residents engage with the community is through employment.

Several locations throughout the Verde Valley have hired our Ranchers. Grocery stores, the Sedona recycling center, hotels, and the National Park Service all benefit from our Ranchers’ great work ethic. In performing their assigned tasks, they gain valuable skills and experience while contributing to the local workforce.

These employment opportunities allow our Ranchers to connect with others in a professional and positive manner, promoting inclusion and understanding.

Volunteering is also an important way our residents engage with the community.

Our Ranchers are pleased to volunteer with a variety of area organizations. Local vets and the humane society benefit from Ranchers who remain calm and focused around animals. A nearby assisted living facility is grateful for the time one of our Ranchers helps in their laundry and walks their residents to lunch.


In giving back to their community, our Ranchers bring joy and companionship to those in need. These acts of kindness also serve to strengthen the bonds between Rainbow Acres and our local community, creating a sense of shared purpose and goodwill.


Spiritual growth is also an important aspect of our community engagement.

Our residents attend Sunday services at several area churches, including the historic Rock Church, which sits right across the road from Rainbow Acres. For over forty years, this church has been ministering to our Ranchers, providing a sense of belonging and spiritual guidance.

House outings are another eagerly anticipated event for our Ranchers.

Going for a picnic in a local park, enjoying dinner at Denny’s, or even a quick trip to Wal-Mart for necessities can brighten our resident’s day and bring a spring to their step.

The Academy instructors organize regular trips to the Camp Verde Library. Our Ranchers enjoy browsing through magazines or looking for books and music to check out. They meet others from the community, often bumping into people they know from church or work. They also enjoy the displays of pottery and paintings by local artists.

The Camp Verde Arena Association provides many thrilling events. Rodeos, go-kart races, a car show and swap meet, and motorcycle barrel racing are just a few of the ones we enjoyed.

Our Ranchers are proud to represent Rainbow Acres in town parades. Bringing their vibrant enthusiasm and creativity to the project, they helped create the Rainbow Acres float.

Rainbow Acres is also represented at the Verde Valley Fair, and the Verde Valley Weavers and Spinner’s Guild. Seeing displays of the woven items, stepping stones, and jewelry art they have created fills our Ranchers with delight. The fair is a highlight of the year and many of our Ranchers often receive ribbons for their creations.

Our residents take part in Rancher Vacation Day Trips, including local area hikes, riding the Verde Canyon Railroad, and visiting Corn Fest, Camp Verde’s own summer corn festival.

Showing support for the young talent in our community, our Ranchers go to dramatic performances put on by Mingus Union High School in Cottonwood, Arizona. They enjoy area concerts, participate in regional Special Olympics, and take part in bowling outings at the nearby Shake, Rattle, and Bowl. Recently, our Ranchers respectfully attended the Yavapai Apache Nation Exodus Day Commemoration Event.


Ambassador Choir sings at the opening of the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall in Camp Verde, AZ

In March, our Ambassador Choir was asked to sing the National Anthem at the opening of the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall in Camp Verde. Despite the cold weather, they sang beautifully. It was a touching tribute and a testament to our residents’ musical talent and dedicated practice. Afterward, they learned about the wall and toured Fort Verde, further expanding their knowledge and understanding of local history.

Our Ranchers’ interactions go beyond fun and entertainment. Just by being in the community, they foster a sense of unity and togetherness. Not that long ago in our nation’s history, such interaction was not the norm. Today, our residents engage with the communities of the Verde Valley, representing the best of what can happen when we work together and embrace diversity.

We are proud of our Ranchers and the contributions they make to the local community. They serve as examples of what is possible when we prioritize community engagement and embrace the diversity of those around us.